Season 2023 Solar Calendar

After many years of experience with different events we have decided not to host music festivals or large events that may undermine and twist our main purpose: providing fairytale experience and peaceful camping/glamping shelter deep within Nature Park Velebit.

Check out the calendar bellow to find something for yourself and your soul and contact or visit organizer’s websites to find out more. If have your own event and would like it to happen in our camp than feel free to contact us. The camp is open for regular camper guests during each of these events. If you happen to be at the camp during any of these events, you are welcome to join the program.

July 22 – 28
Electric Wonderland


International maker/hacker camp – Electric Wonderland is all about DIY explorers, curiosities and open labs in nature. We will delve into the imaginary realms of co-creation by ‘following the white rabbit’ in order to expand the knowledge transfer of high-tech and low-tech merged together into an interdisciplinary laboratory in nature.

July 28 – August 2
Aikido International Seminar

by House of Aikido

Aikido means “the way of harmonizing energy”. It is Japanese martial art system that resembles the fighting methods jujitsu and judo in its use of twisting and throwing techniques and in its aim of turning an attacker’s strength and momentum against himself. The 12th consecuitive international seminar held in Baške Oštarije has the longest tradition of all events on this mountain.