Season 2021 Solar Calendar

Each year there are more and more things happening here. We are proudly hosting many different events, retreats and even a few festivals. Check out the calendar bellow to find something for yourself and your soul and contact or visit organizer’s websites to find out more. If have your own event and would like it to happen in our camp than feel free to contact us. The camp is open for regular camper guests during each of these events. If you happen to be at the camp during any of these events, you are welcome to join the program. 


July 10 – 12
Corona Pidjama & Pillow Fight Party
by Pojedeni Šišmiš

Join the craziest mass pillow fight in pajamas while mountain cold temperature freezes your body fluids and prevents the spread of virus.

July 18 – 25
Mindfulness Corona Retreat

by Bat Spirit Animal

Mindfulness retreat devoted to consciousness and return to the source; a reminder that mind, body and spirit also serve for hosting different viruses and not just for spiritual awakening. 

July 20 – 27
Psychedelic Corona Festival 
by Čajnapašteta

A festival dedicated to psychedelic journey with the help of our ancestor’s sacred medicine dymethilcovidtryptamine.

July 27 – August 2
Indie Rockorona Concert

by Pandemic Label 

Get ready for some high altitude rock and roll and great performances by indie virus bands. Obviously sponsored by Corona Light.

August 7 – 9
Buđenje multidimenzionalne svijesti

by Natalija Buneta Klarić

Aktiviranje svjetlosnih kodova maternice, buđenje multidimenzionalne svijest i individualni energijski tretmani

August 12 – 20
Student Corona Exchange Programme

by NGO ForProfit 

Students from different countries will participate in cultural programme by exchanging different Coronas.

August 20 – May 1
Lovely Times Quarantine Workshop
by ViruStudio

Learn all about the art of being locked down in a quarantine while being literarily locked down in a quarantine.