To grow or not to grow

Concerns & Solutions

“Everyone wants to live on top of the mountain, but all the happiness and growth occurs while you’re climbing it.”

– Andy Rooney, journalist

Concerns About Our Growth

Commercialisation & Comodification

One of the most commonly expressed fears from our satisfied guests and the community is related to our growth. People fear that as we grow, we will lose the charm and become another generic commercial campsite. People are afraid that when they come back one day Kamp Velebit will be overcrowded and impose a lot of rules and restrictions on the guests. People envision a dark future in which campers are packed and organized like sardines in a can with little or no space for privacy. And obviously people fear that our prices will go up together with popularity like they did in many other places. 

Solutions to our Growth

Organic Growth Strategy

As we indicated in our mission statement,  we want to provide a unique, customized and cost-effective camping experience. This is what we intend to do no matter what. However at the same time we need more financial resources to maintain and improve the infrastructure, increase payroll of our employees, and to be able to experiment and innovate with new services. Indeed, everything we finance is much more expensive than usual because of our location and the harsh condition of the environment. Hence, our organic growth strategy. 

The idea is to find another sources of income which do not require physical customers but digital customers instead. For that reason we have created several experimental channels on YouTube to experiment with videos and content creation in general. If we increase the number of subscribers on YouTube we can have a limitation on the number of guests inside of the camp.

How You Can Help

There are several ways you can easily help us achieve our Organic Growth Strategy without too much effort. Hell, there are even ways how you can turn this into benefit for yourself and your platform.

Help by Clicking

  • Subscribe to our YouTube channel of your choice
  • Press like on the videos that you like
  • Share videos with your friends over social media
  • Follow us on the social media
  • In general you can click the sh&t out of our content everywhere on Facebook, Instagram

Help by Participating

  • Be a guest at our podcast where you can promote your product, service, blog, share your stories about camping adventures
  • Allow us to record a video tour of your camper
  • Provide a honest review of peace of gear that you use such as a tent, sleeping bag and anything related to camping

Our YouTube Channels

The official channel of Kamp Velebit where we post our information videos about the camp, highlight videos, reviews and basically anything that has something to do with camping.

– VelEx Campflix

This channel is designed to compliment the official channel where we host camping guests which also participated as podcast guests.

– VelEx Podcast

Perhaps you came to the wilderness to avoid anything that has to do with politics but this channel is all about Luka’s original field of expertise and true passion. Not much going on there for now but soon, very soon!

– VelEx Politics

This is Luka’s personal channel where he posts highlights from his travels (for now). As you may have realized, once the season and holidays end, Luka’s holidays are only about to begin

– Luka YouTubuka