Via Adriatica



You may be wondering why Via Adriatica deserves a special section on this site. Well wonder no more because it is something truly special and unique. Ever heard of those experiences which completely change human life? Hiking over Via Adriatica is one of those experiences. It will take you beyond reach of civilization and lift you over highest peaks in Croatia which inspired folk tales for centuries. The trail did not appear out of nowhere – it is the result of hard work accomplished by community of enthusiasts, nature lovers and thrill seekers represented by eco-adventure NGO AktivNatura. Please visit VA OFFICIAL WEBSITE for more information. Kamp Velebit is located right in the middle of VA SECTION 4 & SECTION 5.



What can you do to support this project?

  • Hike thru the trail and share your photos, videos and stories
  • Maintain ‘your’ section of the trail and help other hikers
  • Follow the official Facebook Page, like and share posts
  • Join the Facebook Group “Via Adriatica Hiker’s Corner
  • Donate directly to NGO AktivNatura; by donating funds you are helping to promote, mark and maintain the trail. In future the funds will be used for signal placement, maintaining website, development of mobile app and building shelters.

            PD AktivNatura, Vrhovec 6a, 10000 Zagreb
            IBAN: HR1023600001102594146
            Purpose: Donation for project Via Adriatica

  • Get yourself the official multifunctional Via Adriatica Bandana

Next to the purpose ” Donation for project Via Adriatica ” write down your address and desired amount of bandanas! Your package will be delivered within 7 days. Shipment cost is covered by donation.