Terms & Conditions

“Rules are for the obedience of fools and the guidance of wise men.”

– Harry Day


We nurture anarchic camping style – there are no designated camping pitches. Anarchism means maximum freedom and maximum responsibility at the same time. Since we are in the wilderness, we encourage you to feel maximum freedom by choosing any spot you like for camping within our property. However, you do have a responsibility to follow our Camping Etiquette. The feedback from our guest about this style of camping is overly positive: feels like wild camping made legally.


Our Crobbit Houses, Wooden Bungalows, Camper Caravans and Royal Canvasses all belong to glamping experience. When you book one of these you get access to all camping facilities – shared indoor and outdoor kitchen, sanitary facilities, BBQ area, canopy, campfire. Glampers are also responsible to follow Camping Etiquette.


We at Kamp Velebit just love pets! They are welcome to stay and sleep wherever they like. In addition, your first pet gets to stay for free!  There is no need to announce that you are bringing your pet – keep her/him or it as a surprise 😊 However, as an owner you are responsible for controlling your pet and cleaning up after them. Remember that children play where dogs play so cleaning is mandatory.

Check In & Check Out

If you are camping you may arrive and depart at whatever time is convenient for you. If you are early bird or night owl and we are still asleep when you arrive the gate will be open so you can enter and start camping. Late night arrivals will be checked in the next day. If you plan early departure, we can check you out the on day before.


We do our best to be flexible as much as possible with your arrival and departure time. In practice it all depends on occupancy of the unit which you book. Standard time during busy periods is check out by 12:00 and check in after 13:00. If there is no one in your unit before or after you, we will let you check in earlier/check out later. And all of that only concerns the unit – you may arrive/leave campsite whenever you like as long as it is within the period you booked.