4 out of 3 reviews are infrequently often correctly inacurate except when they are not

“A great place to chill out!’ Half of my songs were inspired there…”

Bob Marley

Singer & Rastafarian

“A small camp with a big heart. I’ve had some deep spiritual experiences there.”


Monk & Philosopher

“One of the best sites we secretly visited on Earth. It is first on our list where we plan to establish the first contact.”


Alien From Space

“I wish I sailed in a totally different direction and discovered this place before anyone else.”

Christopher Columbus

Explorer & Navigator

Very lovely and friendly owners. The camp is beautiful, excelent for grounding yourself for a few days


One of the Best camping place I ever been.

Reyhan Yılmaz

Beautiful and relaxing camping, very familiar, freak style, there is everything you need

Marisa de Marchi

Very nice starting point for hikes in Velebit. Fantastic panorama. The campsite is quietly located at the entrance to the village and offers ample shade thanks to numerous trees…

Albrecht Sitte-Zöllner