Questions which are frequently answered and asked even more frequently than they are answered. They seem stupid at first but still they require frequent answering to prevent frequent stupidity and other forms of frequent human charm which is widely accepted as ‘natural’ phenomenon of our kind. So do not waste your time on reading them.


Can I drink water at the campsite?

Our water is perfectly drinkable – it is almost like a spring water because we are first on the supply line.


Do you have the kitchen available which guests can use?

We have both indoor and outdoor kitchen equipped with cookers and basic utensils, pots, pans etc.


Do you have refrigerators where we can store our food and drinks?

Yes, there are a couple of refrigerators available for your convenience free of charge.


Is there laundry service available?

Yes, we have both Wash&Dry service available for 5€ each but you can also hang-dry on your own using fresh mountain air.


Are there any shops nearby for basic supplies?

The nearest shops are located in Gospic and Karlobag – both are 20min ride away. Most of our guests combine shopping with their daily trips to beaches in Karlobag. In Gospic you can find large supermarkets such as Lidl, Plodine and Konzum. However, there is a dairy shop 1km away from us with milk, yogurt and different sorts of cheese made by local cows. Be sure to taste ‘Basa’ (a cheese spread), Lički Škripavac (Lika’s Squizzing Cheese named because it creates squeezing sound when you chew it) and their famous Stracciatella Yogurt! They are all delicious.


Do you serve any food or drinks at the camp?

Not for now. However, there is a restaurant 1km away from us as a part of the hostel Baske Ostarije. They offer some great local dishes at affordable prices.


Are there any hiking trails around you?

That’s what our place is all about. There are many trails around us both for hiking and biking. Just be responsible and do not piss off our guardian angels known as Croatian Mountain Rescue Service.


Is there a gas station nearby?

Closest gas stations are located in Karlobag and Gospic. You still don’t drive electric do you? Shame on you!


Is there a lot of noise at the camp?

It all depends on the prevailing and dominant cultural and ethnic background of guests which currently reside at the camp. Balkanians (a.k.a. local species) and species of eastern Europeans including most Mediterraneans are known to be louder than than western Europeans. They often engage in what is known as late night socializing and sometimes they use different instruments and their voices to create music which is boosted by magical drinks such as Travarica, Shlyivovitza, Medica etc. We try to balance things out by enforcing curfew of ‘CAMP QUITE HOURS’ which begins at 23:00. We also risk our life by doing so on a daily basis.   


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